October 7, 2015

Welcome to T.S.S.V. Lancelot

group photo squash association lancelot

The Tilburg Student Squash Association

Do you like playing squash? Studying in Tilburg?


T.S.S.V. Lancelot is a place for beginner and advanced squash players who are studying in Tilburg at the Fontys, Avans or Tilburg University.

Our students squash association is a social and active association, where everyone can decide when they will be present on their own. So no unwanted obligations! We have our regular squash evenings, trainings, drinks, activities, commissions and weekend trips. You don’t want to miss out on it! Are you getting excited to play? Don’t hesitate to visit us any Monday evening during our squash evenings at the Tilburg University sports Centre.

Contact us via: info.tssvlancelot@gmail.com

Open squash competition

The open squash competition is for all levels in Tilburg to play squash together via the agenda or to participate in the open squash competition, the Lancelot squash ladder. Click here!

What is the Lancelot squash ladder?

An online squash platform that brings squash players together for an occasional squash match or to participate in the Lancelot squash ladder. Lancelot squash ladder is a squash ladder competition for all people which have a membership at the sports center of Tilburg University (Olympia building, Academielaan 5).



Become a member!

Become a Lancelotter for just €22.50 a year, or a half year for just €12.50.  Fill in our application form here, and send it to penningmeester.tssvlancelot@gmail.com. You can download the application form at the end of this page.